ghost of darkness

In the month of November I will write a ‘small stone’ every day by paying attention to one thing at a time as an exercise in mindful writing. By immersing in that one thing through my writing and painting, I will weave myself in the moment-ness of  life.

Last evening a cyclone raged through Chennai. Large trees in my locality swayed and fell,  they brought down electric cables and wires. We were steeped in darkness for more than twenty-four hours. I lit candles and watched them bring light in my house. My first exercise of mindfulness was born out of the long hours of silence as candles spluttered and melted away.

I watch the coil of smoke hesitant, 
so much in doubt of itself,
rising from the candle snuffed out.
Smell of wax lingers, the ghost sways 
when the glow is gone.