Flowers With Sea Shells

I found less time this month to paint. Today I was determined to spend the afternoon sketching and painting. I have a beautiful green bottle that I bought at Baroda many years ago. I have placed in the bottle two sticks of flowers made with sea shells. I have done a watercolour of the bottle some time earlier. I wanted to work with dry pastels on a tinted paper. As you can see I am so full of blue. On a tinted surface the green and blues worked fine and I did not have to worry about the sea shell flowers, their white got accentuated on their own.

On A Peachy Morning

I had made a sketch on the theme of churning the ocean from Srimad Baghavatham some days ago, but only now got the time to complete the painting. I wanted to get bold with colours, explore the depths of blues and greens . I have used water colour cakes, colour pencils and dry pastels. As the work progressed I got besotted with the peachy sky and the expession that the turtle chose to wear. Alas, there is no place here for the devas and asuras !

Drama In Green

To celebrate new year I buy lamps, these are from  Aesthetics made of hand-pressed paper and natural fiber. I got a little adventurous this year, wanted to bring drama to a corner of my house with the green lamp shades. Placed on a polished teak surface the lamps throw reflections in the depths of the wood.

I have drawn this picture on a hard corrugated brown paper board used for packing. I have used dry crayons and have done a lot of rubbing of the colors with my fingers.