places of love: a shell that breathes

poem 1

Wind blows away pigments of the dream,
gash opens like tip of a leaf, beseeching.
In the lantern blackened with soot,
time has burnt night and darkness.

Passion eddies into a cavern under the sea;
echoes of memories, maps of pain
take aeons to fossilise, the fading watermarks
on stones are years we spent together.

The shell breathes with life: yours and mine;
the ribs and grooves: you and me.
Whorls in the pale underside move from
intensity to blur, love to separation.

Places of Love

Your breath chokes my lungs
elastic with years of sick love,

lay your hand against my face
press the nerves converging

like cloudbursts under the skin.
Rake and turn the leaves

to bare a ripe fruit glowing
with a warm smell.