At work today I proofread the language workbook for fourth graders. I also did this alongside.

the crisscross telephone lines from the window

pins and clips and such stuff

the stapler

the bangle

a dry flower and seed from the potpourri on my table

a mug of green tea

When I hand over the proof to the printer he will wonder what to do with these sketches. Should they be a part of Grade 4 book?

Weekend Menu

The weekend was fruitful. I laboured through a painting all through Saturday and most part of Sunday. I took time off to cook for the family and grab some quick meal with paint smeared fingers. On Sunday morning  I set my breakfast on the table and reached for the newspaper.

There on my table was a perfect subject for  study. Instead of having my breakfast, I drew it first, worked quickly with dry pastels to get the light in place. After I finished my breakfast I tweaked it. So I took a break from my acrylic painting ‘Rooted’ to complete this still life. I am mighty pleased that I did not waste a single minute this week end. 

Plant Menagerie

This is the collection of plants that M holds dear to her, she draws energy from these plants. M has depression that she is taking help to manage. She came to stay with me for a few days, she brought these plants with her. She took it back home. She has arranged these plants in her balcony, on an old chest of drawer. The foliage of trees from beyond her balcony flows in , and during her very low moments M sits in the balcony near these plants.

When Rain Plays Spoil sport

It’s ages since I did some painting outdoor. I carried my sketch book and colors to office so that I could go to Krishnamurti Foundation after work and sketch there. But rain played spoil sport. So I sketched my work table for the nth time.

Those are the Sight Readers that I am putting together for the K2 Language Program. I am reading those books on  South Indian history, I will soon be coordinating a project on the Chozhas.  And ‘The Tibetian Book of Living And Dying’ always finds its way to my desk , I keep dipping into the book ever too often.