During the month of March Virtual Paintout took artists to the beautiful Slovenia. For the best part of the month I travelled around on my google map, seeing various places. I finally decided a location, navigated many kilometres around the spot. I have been painting  water bodies of late – lakes, muddy ponds, the Indian ocean. The lake that formed the centre of the location was my weakness. First I wanted to do a pastel painting, but settled for water colours. This is the google link to the location. See my  painting and the screen shot of the location.



Virtual Paintout  

Place of the singing waves

Tarangambadi means a place of the singing waves. It was a sleepy town till it became a Danish colony in the early seventeenth century. It then came to be called Tranquebar. All the waves cannot wash away the history of the place, the town remains suspended in time, where the past whispers stories through incessant songs from the sea. 

Taran f

taran 1 (19)

taran 2