Babu’s Shop

This is Babu’s shop on a dusty and quiet road off Rajiv Gandhi Salai. Babu is a muscular young man capable of carrying his small shop on his shoulders. Yes, his shop is very small with crudely built walls and coconut fronds for roof. He does not believe in investing in infrastructure because he has been evicted twice by the Chennai Corporation. He says he packs his stuff in a couple of wooden craters and lets the Corporation officials do the dirty job of demolishing the shop.

The name of his shop is written with black paint on a wooden board. The bricks of the walls have been cemented by clay, they may weather  another monsoon. Babu does not see his shop surviving beyond that time period. He has obliged a friend who has a xerox shop to put up a hand written poster on the crumbling wall.

I am an urban sketcher


There are the tools that I keep in readiness always: pencils sharpened, different types of pens refilled and in good condition. I go shopping exclusively for pencils and pens, try the various gel , uniball, ink ball pens. My favourite haunt is Reynolds ‘Write Rite’ where I end up buying a dozen pens every visit. My home and office are well stocked with different types of drawing pens and pencils. I drew this with Reynolds ink ball .7.  I photoshopped the background with 19 sized brush stroke, I didn’t have the patience to crosshatch with my ink pen.

A Typical Working Day

This is a part of my table. I was working on a Pagemaker file when I drew this. Yes,that was my second cup of herbal tea and the  pair of scissors was used to clip a nail that had chipped off. No I don’t think my work table is messy because it’s a typical working day when I am busy writing, editing stuff for children.