mindful 3

Two rivers flow to the sea, they drain the estuary
with deposits from different landscapes –
one carries a rubble of stones
weathered smooth by the journey downstream;

another bears a rich biomass, like clumps of hair, 
from marshland upstream.


Roop Nivas Palace, Nawalgarh

Roop Nivas palace was built by Thakur Roop Singh in the early 1900s. This palace comprises of two sprawling havelis built in a combination of Rajput and European styles of architecture.   Both the havelis are heritage hotels now. They go by the names Roop Vilas Palace and Roop Nivas Koti.

Roop Vilas Palace

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Roop Nivas Koti

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serenity resides
not in deepest recess of mind,
but in bunches of  trumpet flowers
that surrender to the gentle breeze,
in the bee that cannot drink nectar
from the yellow flowers
that dance and tease –
surrender is serene