Umbrella Of Sunshine

A dark cloud is hovering over the older members of my family in the form of illness, accident and surgery. I am trying to hold an umbrella of sunshine over them. Hospital visits and day long care of my old parents-in-law are  depleting my energy. To put back brightness on my umbrella I visited with my husband the Vishnu temple on Thiruneer malai. After darshan I made a few sketches of the doorway, mandapam and the steps that lead to the temple on the hillock. 


Rainwashed Trumpet Flowers

I worked from home today to give company to my father-in-law . My mother-in-law is in the hospital. She has fractured her hips after a fall. She will have to undergo a surgery.

I sat in full view of my terrace and worked.  It was a wet day, unusual in Chennai in the month of July. On such days butterflies and dragonflies do not visit my garden. I was in the company of a few  pigeons that landed not so gracefully on my earthen tiled terrace and walked inquisitively peeping between pots of plants.

Between work I took time off to sketch this.  I have used water colour pencil and gave a water colour wash which gives a wet effect to the painting.  

A Patch Of Sunshine

I sketched a corner of my garden that in the early evening light appeared like a luminous emerald. I used water colour pencil and wanted to make a water colour wash. Seeing the way the details of the strokes were coming to be,  I did not wash the sketch . That would have blurred the sharpness.   




Sunday Morning

On Sundays I shift my work place to the dining table, I draw energy and inspiration from the hum of activity around me. The family remains in bed late into morning, but I have a satellite of people busy around me: the cook in the kitchen supplying mugs of masala chai, housemaid dusting and cleaning and the gardener out there in my patch of sunshine. Soaked in this noise and smell of  home and garden I spend a lazy Sunday morning at my laptop checking mails, reading blogs, writing. I read the newspaper, books, have some more tea

Get Well

My husband’s mother has suffered a Stroke and is hospitalised. I have been spending considerable time in the hospital with her.  I read, made a couple of sketches and eavesdropped on a family that  gossiped. A lone crow visited at the window.

My mother-in-law is getting better but is in discomfort because her limbs feel weak.

She slipped into a nap despite the discomfort

and a little later managed an hour’s deep sleep. 


After nine hours at school, two hours of football, an hour and a half  of math class, hours of preparing for tests till midnight, this is where my son likes to be.