Lake and Forest

I have come to Tumkur to participate in a simulated archaeological dig with students. That is work, an exciting one at that. Tumkur offers me so much more excitement than that. 

Just opposite my school is Basti Betta, a hillock that has a Jain temple on stop. My friend and I got up early and climbed the hillock, I witnessed a glorious sun rise. I sat on a rock and sketched the Mydala lake. I finished this painting on the site, and I don’t think there is anything more that I can do to the painting.

In the evening, even after the strenuous archaeological dig, I had enough energy to go to the forests of Devarayana Durga. It was raining, but nothing could bring me and my friend indoors. We walked through the forest, my friend lead me to the Forest Department’s library building. I sat outside the building and painted these two views.



One thought on “Lake and Forest

  1. Great ! When I look at this I realise three things about you , 1> You love nature 2> The nature brings the best in you 3> You feel relaxed

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