Tumkur Thereabouts

Sri Vidya Shankara Swamy Temple , Durgada Halli

This temple built for Vidya Shankara Swamy is 700 years old. It was in ruins and has been only recently rebuilt stone by stone.


Temple for Devi on a hillock in Durgada Halli

Lord Narasimha reigns over the hills of Devarayana Durga. Legend goes that a beautiful woman from a small village nearby fell in love with Lord, he accepted this woman as his mistress. The local community has built an unassuming temple on a small hillock for this woman, many miles away from the temple for Narasimha. This temple remains closed through out the year, except during the jathra for Narasimha in the month of May, when it is washed with lime and smeared with vermillion. Everyday a girl from the farmstead close by comes and cleans the exterior of the temple and lays flowers on the doorway. Meanwhile the goddess waits patiently for that day in May.



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