Kapaleeshwar Temple

Last weekend I went sketching with a young artist Kalpana Balaji. This is my first sketchcrawl with a fellow urban sketcher. We had infact planned to meet the previous weekend but the rain played spoil sport.

On Saturday we met at 3.30 in the afternoon outside the eastern entrance of the Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore. The temple was closed, so we sat on the thinnai of one of the houses and sketched the beautiful doorway and all the activities outside the temple – people were waiting for the temple to open, the flower sellers were setting up their shops for the evening.

Then the temple door opened.

Inside the temple we sat on the warm stones of the praharam and sketched the shrines. Devotees trickled in; a calf from the gho shala and two pea hens, unmindful of the people, came out briefly for a stroll.

For most part of the evening we worked in silence. Our legs went numb sitting in one position. We took a walk and went near the mandapam. It was getting dark and I had time for just one more sketch.

I am an Urban Sketcher

6 thoughts on “Kapaleeshwar Temple

  1. I’ve never heard of a sketchcrawl. This is so neat. I’ve done something similar with writing, going somewhere and writing with a friend, but not quite like this.

  2. Rich jewels you’ve created, Uma… how many full watercolours you do at a sitting! I really enjoyed the vibrancy of these beautiful paintings, and the story of your sketchcrawl (a term I’ve never heard of either -is it yours?).

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