The Process

In the month of January I participated in the ‘River of Stones’ which is an exercise to look at everything around with great attentiveness and mindfulness. I wrote everyday  and I sketched the common things that I saw around,  starting from my house – the cup of tea that I savoured after a day’s work, my balcony that oversees a beautiful tree, my terrace garden… I posted my drawings here in this blog. Last weekend I wanted to put together these paintings that were a part of the ‘River of Stones’ exercise in Issuu. I enjoy painting and writing, but I look at putting them together as a collection, as a chore. I hurtle through this process. I quickly scan my drawings, work on the photoshop and upload on my blog without giving this process a thought.

This time I wanted to go through the process mindfully, bringing it all the attention and love that I give to the act of painting itself. I found out that my computer at home does not have the Acrobat complete version, I have only the Adobe Reader. This means I cannot convert my photoshop files of the sketches into a PDF file with multiple pages. I decided to import my photoshop files in a pagemaker file, then convert it into PDF. This took some time, I did not get impatient. I am happy with what has come out in Issuu. See here:


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