Stone’s Throw

Krishnamurti Foundation of India (KFI) at Vasanta Vihar situated on a 6 1/2 acre land area is thickly covered with trees. The building that houses the library, archives, office was once where Jiddu Krishnmurti stayed on his visits to Chennai.

KFI is just a five minute walk from my workplace. I go there after my work on certain days to read at the library. This time I went midmorning when the August day is at its glorious best, a little wet with the night’s rain, and bowls of sunlight eagerly pouring on damp grass and leaves. I sat at the edge of the lawn in front of the KFI building and sketched. The bougainvillea with its spray of magenta flowers was distracting, so were the beetles that climbed up my legs. Since it was the middle of my work day I stayed for only half hour and completed two pencil sketches, I  painted one of the pictures later.

Despite being in the heart of the city , the quietness of the place is impenetrable because of the wild green cover at KFI. At certain places where it is heavily wooded it remains dark.

But this pot of allamanda plant was soaked in sunshine.

 I am an Urban Sketcher

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