Where Industrious Apple Pickers Block The Road

Naggar is a small and sleepy town, more a village, that was once the capital of the Kulu kingdom. Such illustrious history sits light on the shoulders of the small town that seeks contentment in its quiet and peaceful lanes,  tea shops that serve scalding hot milky tea. Every house in this town has an apple tree or two, if not an apple orchard.

As we drove past this town to Jana falls we crossed villages that were tucked silently in the valley below. Smoke curled from the kitchens that gathered ample cabbages and cauliflowers from the gardens in the backyards. We saw that the houses were raised on stilts and the mountain slopes hewn for terrace cultivation. Rice was cultivated in the terraces that had turned into troughs of water.

We came to a village where the young and old, men and women were gathering apples from the trees, and crates of apples were being loaded in trucks. The  traffic on the road was halted for these industrious people. I was glad at this opportunity to walk. Within a few minutes I had left the village behind, after some time I sat on the grassy slope to sketch the valley below.

But before that, I bought boxes of apples and plums and cones of apricots that  I snacked after the steep climb near the Jana waterfall. 

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