A Little World Here

This khaki coloured handbag made of very coarse canvas cloth has been wih me for nearly three years, and it is in perfect condition: all zips and buttons in place. I carry my world here, on days that I feel like hibernating there is enough space for me to crawl in here! I carry in my bag medicines, face tissues, sun screen, vaseline, mouth freshner, chocolate bars, reading glasses, keys, mobile charger, stock of green tea bags, sketching and painting paraphernalia, a couple of books, a bunch of writing pens and of course my wallet. I am confident that I can survive and subsequently find my way back from any part of the world if I get lost with this bag, it is so resourceful!

2 thoughts on “A Little World Here

  1. Reminds me of several great poems I have read about the universes and superpowers contained in a mother’s handbag!

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