Flowers In The Pool Of Light

I read late into the night.  My body got stiff  hunching over the books, I stretched at the table. My eyes and my mind rested blankly on the pool of light from the white table lamp.  Suddenly I  recalled something I read during the day at  Daily Paint works . This site is an online painting gallery that features artists who paint in response to challenges that are put up at the site every week. The paintings are auctioned at eBay. For a week now paintings  are sold to raise money for Japan. 

I particularly liked this challenge and I realised that I was sitting across one. Though it was past midnight I started my painting and worked on. Thankfully it was the weekend and I got enough time to rest.

The challenge was to draw/paint any white object on a patterned fabric, and study the colour relationship in such a composition. Here is mine. And as you see, I was reading ‘Ka’ and Srimad Bhagavatham.


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