Small Stones

The dragon fly that visited my room carried rainbow on its glassy wings. Did the world go dark for a while when I hosted her?
My shadow grows long as I walk alongside my tall son, he gets mad and can’t understand how.
And the curls on his hair are crowded like  the segments in a beehive. 

I have learnt to pause , look at everything around, pick the small stones, polish them in words and pocket them. I grow heavy and enriched by this collection. You can read my river of stones here.

Looking is the key and attentiveness is the spirit. Here I continue to do the same. But through a different medium. I look at the things around me,  simple things around my house and create a new river of sones.

This is my first stone presented as a sketch or painting: a basket woven with dry grass where I grow my money plant.  This basket sits near my kitchen window. I have used 8B Graphite Lead pencil to draw this and have washed the background in bold orange shade.  For this I draw my inspiration from Szaza’s Harika.

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