The Sky Is My Hat

I am a compulsive walker, sometimes I walk in quiet localities and sometimes in market places, through roads with houses packed close to each other where smell of food mixes as do the people when they step out on a sultry day.It had been on my mind for sometime:  to go for a very long walk along certain historically significant landmarks in the city. I planned with my friend who shares with me passion for walking. 

A humid Sunday morning my friend and I began our walk fromPasumpon Muthurama Linga Devar statue in Mount Road , through a part of Chamiers Road, the green canopied  TTK Road, the Luz Church Road and Kutchery Road, past Santhome and the light house, along the Marina, past  the stately Queen Mary’s college, Vivekananda House and the Madras University, across the very smelly Cooum river that gave a breathtaking view of the creek  below a very peachy morning sky, past the Port Trust and the War Memorial to the Secretariat. For a significant part of the walk the Bay of Bengal spread a mercurial shimmer of carpet that blindingly reflected the morning sun. We covered the 9 km. stretch in two hours.

I made a few sketches through the walk. I made a sketch of the cathedral with quick strokes, I added details later from the photograph that I took of the cathedral.  

I then sketched Vivekananda House, kept my sketch to a Zen minimalism, left it at that. The building sans ramifications is a true symbol of the great teachings of  Swami Vivekananda.


We sat in the shade of a bus stop to grab a bite and I sketched after the quick bite.  I drew a bare skeleton of the Marina with a view of an old building at Madras U. I worked on certain details later.


From the bridge over the Cooum river I made a pencil sketch of the creek, the place where the river enters the sea appeared like poetry. I should have taken a photograph and made a water colour wash later. I didn’t, so the scene like a wisp of smoke has disappeared.

Midday Snack

Bought two ripe guavas, sketched them as the aroma spread across the room. Sliced them and snacked on them with a large mug of herbal tree. Cleansed… for a very warm midday meditation.